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The Train Station

with Bill Waldrop and Jim Lueders

Created by TNCRadio.LIVE • 16 episodes

The Train Station

"The Railroad is not about taking a nostalgic journey back to a golden age; it is about traveling into the future on a mode of transport that is more relevant to the needs of the 21st century than any other."

For over 200 years, we have used trains to bridge the distance between us. Each generation has brought new and innovative ideas that have propelled both the technology and the people and the freight in new and exciting ways.

TNCRadio.LIVE is proud to present "The Train Station."

Whether you are a train aficionado or just someone who wants to know more about trains, this is the show for you broadcast each Thursday 7PM ET/6PM CT on Podcasts are available generally one week later.

Listen in as program hosts Bill Waldrop and Jim Lueders share their lifelong love and fascination for trains. Bill worked on a steam engine crew traveling across the country onboard the passenger trains and Jim worked for the Wabash Railroad after college. They have traveled together all over the world riding trains, most recently in Switzerland and Italy.

Each week they interview guests with unique knowledge and insight into the world of the railroad.

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