Mad Moms: My Kids Get on my Nerves! artwork
The WERKin' Mommas Podcast

Mad Moms: My Kids Get on my Nerves!

  • S3E33
  • 31:59
  • November 7th 2021

Honest Motherhood: My Kids Get on my DAMN Nerves. 

I'm pretty sure there's gonna be comments and perspectives coming from all directions about this episode. I'm saying something that needs to be said first and foremost. But often as mommas, we're shunned or bashed for vocalizing certain things that we deal with every day. I've been a mom for almost 15 years, I can say that every moment and every day has not been rosy and fun and exciting and happy-go-lucky and the world smells like flowers type-thing.  

Who Left Their Clothes on the Floor?! 

The moms on the show would get mad. They felt bad for getting mad and talked about how moms aren’t supposed to get mad at kids. Many of us have felt when everybody walks past the clothes and shoes on the floor. Everybody in the house walks past it like, it's not there and you're waiting for somebody else to pick it up. 

Kids in the Grocery Store 

What's the thing kids do at the grocery store? They pick up stuff, ask can they have something, or they sneak it in the cart. If you tell your kids NO or stop repeatedly people might think wow that's a mean mama, you're not supposed to talk to your kids like that.  

Humanize Moms 

Moms, have you ever had that feeling like my kids get on my damn nerves?! OMG, these kids are driving me crazy! It doesn't mean that you love your kids or kids any less. It means that you're human and have emotions just like everybody else in the world.  

Paid Leave. Period. 

42 days for your body to “snap back” from bringing a human into the world that took you about 270 or so days to create. That's a whole separate podcast episode for me.  

Mad Mom Moment 

So I used to yell at my kids to get stuff done and then I thought about how exhausted I felt afterwards, but also how bad I felt afterward. It's hard for me as an adult to receive a message from somebody who's yelling at me. And if I don't want something done to me, I'm certainly not gonna do it to somebody else - adult kid, whoever.

Raising Children

Everybody has their different ways of parenting, and nobody can really criticize or try to instruct a mom or dad on how to be fulfill their roles as parents. If you have strategies and communications and things that work in your household for your kids, then do what works for you and don't feel like you have to become something that you're not or change who you are or conform to what this world thinks we should be simply because we chose to have children.

Communication Skills and Kids

I want my kids to understand that they have a voice, a point of view and they should never silence that for anybody. If you feel the need to say something, say it, it doesn’t matter:

  • Who's in the room or in the seat next to you
  • How much money somebody has
  • How many connections they have
  • How old or young they are
  • How much education or experience they have
  • Or anything else

How do you deal with those days when your kids get on your nerves and what are some things that you want to share in your own experiences as a mother that you think could help another bomb or even just to get it off your chest. If you're one of those moms who you feel stressed and overworked and overwhelmed with everything that's on your plate and you just need somewhere to vent. That's why I want to create this community. We need that space for us and by us for moms, by moms to be able to have these conversations without dealing with the trolls and the people who want to mom shame every chance they get.

Let's Chat

What y’all think? Let’s continue this conversation.

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