Austin Aaron: Dancing Grains Woodworks artwork
The Woodpreneur Podcast

Austin Aaron: Dancing Grains Woodworks

  • S3E208
  • 39:20
  • April 20th 2022

Austin Aaron: Dancing Grains Woodworks

“I’ve been trying to get to a point where we get to really build our furniture lines. I feel like I’ve put a lot of effort and had a lot of inspiration around the designs. And that’s what I’ve really wanted to do and spend time on; it’s about the craft.”

  • Austin Aaron

Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Woodpreneur Podcast. Today, your host Steve Larosiliere sits down with Austin Aaron from Dancing Grains Woodworks, based out of Boulder, Colorado. 

Steve and Austin met at the recent Woodpreneur meetup in Denver, and Steve took interest immediately. Austin started his business in 2008, right during the recession, but that wasn’t able to keep this Woodpreneur down, and he has grown his business successfully in the years since then.

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