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Bo Shepherd: Woodward Throwbacks

  • S3E210
  • 34:17
  • May 5th 2022

Bo Shepherd: Woodward Throwbacks

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Woodpreneur Podcast. Today your host Steve Larosiliere sits down with Bo Shepherd from Woodward Throwbacks. Steve’s wife has followed Bo online, and last summer Steve had the opportunity to go to Bo’s store when she was running a big sale.

Woodward Throwbacks has a phenomenal brand, exceptional content, and unique products with a distinctly Detroit feel to them. Check out this episode and listen to Bo talk about how she has brought this business to where it is today!

A Reclaimed Origin

“So Woodward Throwbacks is a sustainable design studio that focuses on designing furniture, buildings, and spaces using primary reclaimed materials. We started in 2014 organically, in a way where, in Detroit there was a lot of illegal dumping around that time which is material that's been discarded on the street. 

So being at a college, being on a budget, we're gathering those materials while we bike around the city and making furniture for ourselves. Fast forward a couple of years, we started selling that furniture to friends and family, and at the local farmer's market. We got our big break when we started selling for Nordstrom. So we got into a couple of like, big box companies. 

Then our business kind of started to evolve, where instead of doing smaller home decor, we started doing larger scale furniture. Now we're in our 24,000 square foot old Dodge dealership, which is our workshop, our warehouse, and our showroom. It was partly trying to clean up our neighborhood, but also just working on a budget and wanting to make really cool things for our house.”

-Bo Shepherd

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