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Ken Rusk: Blue Collar Cash

  • S1E125
  • 32:21
  • July 30th 2020

Ken Rusk has spent over 30 Years working In blue collar trades, from his humble beginnings as a ditch-digger to entrepreneur, successful business owner, and perhaps most importantly, a mentor. And now, he’s written a book specifically for #bluecollar hustlers like you.⠀

Blue Collar Cash will show you how it’s possible to avoid student loan debt, credit card strain, and the stress of working multiple jobs at once and instead be not only widely profitable in your chosen Blue Collar job, but also content and happy in that career.⠀

Pick up a copy of Ken’s book today at and get ready to find out how to skip traditional career paths and become financially secure doing the job you WANT to do, not one that you HAVE to do.⠀

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