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The 30-Minute Visit

Your Life Matters To Me

  • E7
  • 27:28
  • June 7th 2020

I judge people on a daily basis. I make judgements based on the way they look, the words they say, and how they say them. It's a necessary part of treatment and I do it with an underlying sense of duty to help patients get better as quickly as possible.

How do I judge people outside the clinic room though? How do we all judge each other? We need to talk about our prejudices. We need to ask more questions and listen more because that's how we connect with and care about our fellow human beings.

Rest in peace, George Floyd.

The 30-Minute Visit

Dr. Victor Chan is a naturopathic doctor practicing in South Surrey - a community just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His mission is to encourage people to dream bigger about the potential for their own personal health and to lead them to reach their goals.