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The Art Of Listening To Your Body

No Evidence Of Disease · Susan Harrington

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  • 1:33:27
  • November 28th 2023

Holy shit!

I wrote this in the moment of listening to the message.

I write this now to capture my excitement in this moment to share later when I’m allowed.

Early November I recorded a podcast and held onto it until the results came in.

The excitement I share is for a client I am working with.

The incredible Susan Harrington spoke the words ‘my CT and PET scan show no evidence of disease’ on the 16th of November.

I asked how she celebrated.

With dumplings and Pinot.

They will never hold the same meaning again 😂

We celebrated on a call together.

12 months ago Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She took the unconventional route.

When we met her scans showed her tumour was growing.

6 months later this is where she’s at.

She’s clear.

It never ceases to amaze me what is possible yet when the news lands the excitement and celebration still provides a good old holy shit moment.

Trust your body.

Go into the darkness.

To step into the light.

I’m so happy that Susan is sharing her wisdom with those who need to hear it.

If you have any love and support to share with Susan as well as questions you can find her on Instagram @belief_2_heal or email [email protected]

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The Art Of Listening To Your Body

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My aim is to create awareness to the underlying emotions behind pain, injury and disease in the body as well as behvioural dysfunctions and mental imbalances. I do this using a unique blend of eastern and western philosophies and a good dose of intuition.

I love reading the body and what it's really trying to tell us through it's physical presentation, injury, pain or illness. I call it the art of listening to your body. It's all about understanding yourself and others on a deeper level.

I guide people to recognise their purpose in the world by bringing light to the issues that hold them back. I do this through an intuitive understanding of how the body speaks to us and help clients develop their emotional awareness and take actionable steps to achieve their goals.

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