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The Art Of Listening To Your Body

When I Began To Channel · Isha Vela

  • E60
  • 1:14:25
  • July 27th 2021

Isha is a trauma psychologist and somatic expressive energy alchemist helping healers, bridge builders, and creative entrepreneurs harness their fiercest and fullest expression of their life force energy for the collective good.

Isha is the founder of (R)evolutionary Rompereglas, a private online community where women and non-binary folks are supported in uniting their sexual and spiritual power.

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The Art Of Listening To Your Body

My name is Dr. Jin Ong I’m a cathartic release therapist, professionally trained as an osteopath, psychosomatic therapist, western acupuncturist and herbalist.

I’m fascinated by the mind-body connection and how your physical body is a manifestation of your emotional state.

My aim is to create awareness to the underlying emotions behind pain, injury and disease in the body as well as behvioural dysfunctions and mental imbalances. I do this using a unique blend of eastern and western philosophies and a good dose of intuition.

I love reading the body and what it's really trying to tell us through it's physical presentation, injury, pain or illness. I call it the art of listening to your body. It's all about understanding yourself and others on a deeper level.

I guide people to recognise their purpose in the world by bringing light to the issues that hold them back. I do this through an intuitive understanding of how the body speaks to us and help clients develop their emotional awareness and take actionable steps to achieve their goals.

If you want to learn to tap into your innate intuitive sense in an easy to understand way come and join me.

Pain stories are fascinating and there is so much we can learn from them. Join me as I'm joined by inspirational people who share how their life changed after their painful experience- what they had to surrender to and how their life looks now.