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Ketan Mavinkurve, CEO of Alpha Coach - India’s first hyper-personalised online coaching platform

  • S2E154
  • 1:09:13
  • December 16th 2021

Ketan Mavinkurve, CEO of Alpha Coach - India’s first hyper-personalised online coaching platform

Change is hard. Discipline towards health and fitness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. After years of training hundreds of trainees, we know that substantial long-lasting changes don't come from quick tips, but from building habits in phases. This is why we help you make positive changes that stay with you for life. Ketan is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coach. He's a Chartered Accountant and has worked in prestigious firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and last served as Vice President at Berggruen Holdings in India, involved in private equity deals for the past 14 years. Prior to Alpha Coach, Ketan also co-founded AKRO Fitness, a boutique personal training studio in Mumbai, one of the most notable brands in the fitness industry in the country. He is a fitness enthusiast, and after struggling with his own fitness for over a decade due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, has dedicated his time and efforts to create businesses designed to positively impact people’s health and fitness, and help them create long-term sustainable lifestyle solutions. He is always challenging the status quo, in breaking barriers, and blasting through ceilings we set for our own personal growth. “Everyone has the right and obligation to be fit, strong and healthy” Ketan says, – so, at AKRO and now at Alpha Coach, he has created a platform to allow everyone to achieve their health goals.He also walks the talk in terms of taking action and execution, and takes his own fitness very seriously. He truly believes that “No matter how hard the struggle is – if one wants something desperately, they need to go out and get it!”

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The G&T Sessions

We cover G = Growth from a Personal & Business perspective, as it is a fascinating and compelling topic to share stories and experiences, and T = Technology, something that is everywhere and is firmly here to stay...asking the questions about what does it mean, is it for good, how do we harness it and ensure it helps our future.

So, in the G&T Sessions Podcast, we are speaking directly to ourselves, when we were younger, not as wise as we are today, how could we know how transformative that Technology would affect the world .... And know how getting your personal growth and mindset in order, is a key building block and enabler to any organisation or business idea you want to scale.

We're going to try to take you, the audience, on a journey through the stories and lessons of gifted and talented people who have written their own personal growth stories, dealt with amazing peaks and character building valleys, but have learned and carved their own path to making their own history and future.

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Given Tech now integrates into so many areas of our life and many people see this as their new path for opportunity, we will also discuss Tech with our guests who are growing, advising, supporting, coaching and innovating in and around technology and so the founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leadership teams of tomorrow will know how to realise their dreams, find and unleash their own ideas to become unicorns, build new markets, new businesses & disrupt the world for the greater good.

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