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29 Episodes

The Hittas With Dinero1st (C0-Host CEO Reese Money)
  • S1E27
  • 1:26:54
  • June 13th 2021
  • Explicit
The Hittas WIth Joe Rollins
  • S1E24
  • 1:15:04
  • June 2nd 2021
The Hittas With HXLLYWOOD
  • S1E21
  • 1:06:08
  • May 18th 2021
The Hittas With Dinero1st
  • S1E20
  • 1:26:54
  • May 16th 2021
The Hittas With La Familia
  • S1E19
  • 1:58:59
  • May 13th 2021
The Hittas With Meco Velez
  • S1E18
  • 1:06:39
  • May 13th 2021
  • Explicit

The Hittas

The Hittas is the podcast version of the Underground Hittas Radio's own The Basement with The Hittas. You can catch all of the interviews, plus the behind the scenes, as they interview the hottest independent artists in the world.

The Hittas is comprised of Nikki, Whizz, Jayy, Mula and Keyz. A few friends that had a crazy idea to be the window of opportunity when all doors have closed to the underground artists.

(Some episodes may contain explicit language.)