The Benefits of Shedding Your History artwork
Mindful Manifesting - Personal Growth & Manifesting Tips for Entrepreneurs

The Benefits of Shedding Your History

  • S2E36
  • 07:34
  • June 10th 2022

Remember the last time you shed a bit of weight? You felt lighter and more energized, right? In this show, you'll hear about the benefit of clearing your emotional history and how that opens you to new experiences.

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Mindful Manifesting - Personal Growth & Manifesting Tips for Entrepreneurs

Mindful Manifesting offers mindfulness tips and techniques for entrepreneurs for personal growth and success.

Gain valuable exercises for staying present, setting spiritual boundaries, building assertiveness, and finding joy in manifesting. Learn how to ask for what you want and achieve it.

Through this transformative podcast, you will learn how to manifest your desires and embark on a profound self-discovery journey to unearth layers of your authentic self.

You will love this show if you have ever asked yourself any of these questions.

  1. What is manifesting, and how does it work?
  2. How do I manifest my goals or desires?
  3. Why isn't my manifesting working?
  4. Can manifesting change my circumstances?
  5. Is there scientific evidence behind manifesting?

Your host, Aryana K. Rollins, draws on Cybernetic Transposition, systems analysis, project management, and mystical studies to crack the manifesting code. 

Since 2005, Aryana has been a mindfulness teacher and success coach. She has poured this experience into her upcoming book Mindful Achiever: How to Lead your Unconscious Mind to Personal Growth and Success your missing link to manifesting happiness, success, and a meaningful life in complete alignment with your True Self.

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Aryana K. Rollins

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