Episode 47:  Leadership with Lisa Haydon artwork
The Real Bottom Line

Episode 47: Leadership with Lisa Haydon

  • S2E47
  • 36:06
  • March 29th 2022

In this episode we are going to really define that super nebulous term - leadership. How to get work done through others and the different hats of managing, leading, and coaching.

Lisa Haydon has just passed the 5-year anniversary mark of her business, Pivotal Growth. Prior to her own pivotal growth, Lisa worked in finance and banking for large enterprise companies. She helps companies assess and diagnose their people performance with diagnostic, consulting, and implementation services.

Join us as we discuss the turning point that launched Lisa into the world of entrepreneurship and how to get past imposter syndrome, her thoughts on what your meeting cadence should be as an entrepreneur, and how to vet potential business partners.

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