Harness the Power of AI & Revolutionize Customer Support with AI Chatbots: The SEO Vault Episode 207 artwork
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Harness the Power of AI & Revolutionize Customer Support with AI Chatbots: The SEO Vault Episode 207

  • E207
  • 33:10
  • September 13th 2023

Welcome to Episode 207 of The SEO Vault! In this episode, Mike Milas teams up with Nate Fischer to dive deep into the world of AI chatbots and how they're reshaping the business landscape.

Unlock the full potential of AI chatbots in this episode - we walk through the game-changing innovations and tools that can take your business to the next level.

Mike and Nate kick things off by highlighting the versatility of AI chatbots. From improving customer support to supercharging lead generation and appointment scheduling, these bots can do it all. But here's the kicker – they're not just for tech giants. Discover how even local businesses like roofers and plumbers can harness the power of AI to their advantage.

Nate Fischer, a seasoned software developer, provides valuable insights into the intricate world of content vectorization. You'll learn how to turn written content into actionable knowledge that your AI chatbots can use effectively. Plus, find out why context matters when it comes to delivering the right answers to user queries.

Get an exclusive sneak peek into Lindabot, the revolutionary AI chatbot Nate has worked on. Lindabot isn't your average chatbot; it's a powerhouse that can handle lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and more. With Lindabot by your side, you'll experience a new level of efficiency and customer engagement.

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