Ranking Impact of Press Releases SEO Test, How to Find Authority Press & More: SEO Vault Episode 214 artwork
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Ranking Impact of Press Releases SEO Test, How to Find Authority Press & More: SEO Vault Episode 214

  • E214
  • 51:57
  • November 15th 2023

Highlights From The Episode:

  • The hosts delve deep into the intricacies of a press release strategy that not only boosted rankings but fundamentally transformed website traffic.
  • Join the conversation as the hosts discuss Mark's expert tips on crafting content that goes beyond engagement. Learn how to claim digital dominance and elevate your content strategy to stand out in the crowded digital landscape.
  • The hosts explore the impact of our new AI content tool, on accessibility and usability, providing a game-changing tool for your digital arsenal.

SEO Discussion with Mark and Sophie:

0:00 Introduction to the SEO Vault

01:18 Details on the updates on our Press Release Services

03:18 SEO testing using our updated press services

10:25 Mark’s new upcoming training on content planning training and its uniqueness

16:50 The dynamics of free and paid content

21:17 How to unlock the free content tool for the Agency Partnership Program (APP) program

38:47 The progress and features of the revamped Link Rec tool

42:56 The early bird offer of our upcoming Black Friday Sale

45:02 The November core update and its volatility.

50:20 Noting instances where authoritative sites don't provide helpful content.

51:55 Conclusion

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