Are SEO Tools Price Gouging? + Relevancy v Links SEO Test, AI Images & More -  SEO Vault Episode 211 artwork
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Are SEO Tools Price Gouging? + Relevancy v Links SEO Test, AI Images & More - SEO Vault Episode 211

  • E211
  • 54:53
  • October 25th 2023

Highlights From The Episode:

  • Mike and Mark delved into the transformative potential of AI-powered content creation, highlighting its ability to save time and generate high-quality, audience-focused content.
  • The conversation turned to the intriguing world of AI-generated art, where Mike and Mark discussed its impact on artistic expression and creativity.
  • The hosts provided insights into topical relevance testing, revealing its results and how it can help target audiences with precision.

SEO Discussion with Mark:

0:00 Introduction

0:42 Halloween sale details

3:04 Details about our new AI content tool

9:21 Rebranding and Changing AI Landscape

10:37 The importance of value-added features in AI tools

12:36 Topical relevance testing and its results

20:22 Ahrefs and their pricing model

29:06 Conversations about legacy accounts, pricing changes, and the importance of treating legacy customers with care

31:12 AI in image creation

47:20 Thoughts on the value of AI-generated art and its impact on artistic expression

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