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The SEO Vault Episode 123

  • E123
  • 51:18
  • January 15th 2022

The SEO world is always changing. Google is constantly making adjustments to make the platform more user-friendly and smarter, while SEO experts try to keep up with the constant changes to their system. As a company and also as individuals, we are always trying to improve our expertise. Our hope is to share our experiences and challenges in this journey.

We keep up with the SEO News, analyze it, and look for ways to position ourselves better with this new information.

Episode 123 Table Of Contents

Co-Host: Michael Milas + Bucky Helms

  • Text Deals Optin Offer is up on the site
  • Google Search Ranking Update On January 11th (Unconfirmed)
  • Google: Manual Actions Backlogged & Delayed Responses
  • Google Business Profile Makes New Mangers & Owners Wait 7 Days To Manager Profiles
  • And much more!

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

  • Text Deals Offer is up on the site:
  • Just added the 2020 Testing Report and it is available for download on the site now! Over 100 Pages and Super Actionable
  • Sale Credits and Benefits/Bonuses are actively being tabulated and sent out. Thank you for your patience as it is a manual process!
  • We are still making big updates in the Dashboard and are excited to announce that we’ve only had a handful of minor issues since the integration!
  • We are still revamping the Agency Partnership Program a touch and those changes will come as we add new integrations in dashboard as well so keep an eye out for messages from our team concerning The Agency Partnership Program, you may be surprised at the discounts that you already are approved for and just havent known about!
  • The FREE Training that Chaz & Jessie are building out is on hold for a bit as we work on making sure its solid and ready. We’re also super busy with our brands and trainings tend to take a back seat when we are making things better for you guys!
  • Make sure to take advantage of our Free Campaign Recommendations in resources tab!
  • We also want to start offering a deep dive into one of your sites and LIVE review as well as audit that brand on the SEO vault and you could even get some free or greatly reduced services to help you guys if you want have one of your brands looked at!

SEO News For The Past Week

  • Google: Manual Actions Backlogged & Delayed Responses
  • Google Business Profile Makes New Mangers & Owners Wait 7 Days To Manager Profiles
  • Google Search Ranking Update On January 11th (Unconfirmed)

SERP Changes

  • Google Page Experience Update Coming To Desktop Soon
  • Google Local Search Results Grouping, Carousels & Count Labels

Google Says

  • Google: Fluff Content Hard For Search Engines To Understand & Maybe Rank
  • Do Not Block Slow Countries To Improve Your Google Core Web Vitals
  • Google: Links Have To Be On Indexed Pages To Be Counted & Not All Indexed Links Are Counted
  • Google Still Recommending Disavowing Whole Domains With Machete


39:58 Optimizing a Homepage – Sending a main keyword link to the homepage on the homepage?

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