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The Strengths Guy

S7E8 Empowering your team with strengths

  • S7E8
  • 07:33
  • May 24th 2020

Wherever your team are located right now – remotely or physically, some together, some apart, research shows us that when people play to their strengths, they are more likely to perform well.


The business case therefore for bringing strengths into everyday management performance conversations with employees include:

  • Higher levels of well-being, motivation and self-confidence at the individual level
  • More effective teamworking, problem-solving and improved relationships at the team level
  • Focusing on strengths during performance management conversations has a significant impact on employee performance, improving performance by over 36% on average.

Today’s podcast focuses on how to empower your team using strengths in your one-to-one conversations as a manager.

It's a quick introduction and reminder to empowering and enabling your team with strengths.

When these discussions become part of day to day conversations with your direct reports, you will see their confidence grow, a greater sense of ownership and engagement with tasks and ultimately an increase in performance – as I mentioned, this can go up by 36% on average when used in performance management conversations.

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