S4E10: De - Cluttering  - science and solutions artwork
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S4E10: De - Cluttering - science and solutions

  • S4E10
  • 06:57
  • June 17th 2019

Apart from the TV personalities who have made a career out of helping/bullying people to clear their homes and lives up so that we can all watch and say to ourselves ‘thank God I’m not as bad as that’, how many people do you know who are actually incredible at keeping their homes and workplaces and lives de-cluttered?

Not many right?

You may know one or two but one or two only and that’s because it’s not easy.

In this podcast i’m going to explain the science behind clutter, why it happens, and why de-cluttering doesn’t happen often, and then give you some ideas on how to make it more of a habit so that you can keep clutter in check more of the time.

De-Cluttering - science and solutions

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