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S6E2: Being present at Christmas

  • S6E2
  • 07:27
  • December 8th 2019

Being present at Chrismas

I know you know that Christmas can be stressful. Forget that, Christmas is stressful. In fact, hold on, has someone actually designed-in stress to Christmas as a way of making more money from us?

Or is that a conspiracy theory too far?

Ok, so assuming no one's actually deliberately manipulating our stress levels against our will at Christmas, we’re probably more in control of the Christmassy goings-on than we think.

Present-buying, late-night shopping, organising family events, friend get-togethers, work socials, Christmas dinner organising, cooking, hosting, present-giving, family tensions, overindulging.

All these things can be seen as standard stresses that we associate with Christmas but they’re also kind of restricted to just Christmas itself – like nothing else is quite like it for creating that nervous anxiety.

So in today’s podcast, I want to talk about staying present at Christmas and keeping focused on the important things, so you don’t get washed away in a sea of unsatisfying busyness only to wake up on Boxing Day needing a serious holiday and wondering what the last few weeks have all been for.

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