S5E2: Taming the energy monster artwork
The Strengths Guy

S5E2: Taming the energy monster

  • S5E2
  • 08:56
  • July 15th 2019

Have you come across the term ‘strength in overdrive’?

Well it’s a phrase that we use a lot at Strengthscope® - what it means is when you’re using something that is usually a positive quality for you, one that gives you energy and that you are good at using or at least have that potential.

But in certain circumstances, that strength can go just that little bit too far, so it tips into ‘overdrive’ territory, leading to unexpected consequences either for you or the people around you.

On this podcast, I want to give you some tips on how to spot a strength in overdrive and how to tame that energy so that you can use it positively and productively.

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