P4: They're here! Generation Z with Dr Naeema Pasha artwork
The Strengths Guy

P4: They're here! Generation Z with Dr Naeema Pasha

  • E4
  • 19:17
  • November 25th 2019

It is my complete and utter delight to be joined by a truly warm and wonderful human being, a living legend, a future visionary, thought leader and key influencer of today – yes, I welcome Dr Naeema Pasha, Director of Henley Careers at Henley Business School to the mic.

In this podversation, we talk about Generation Z – who are they, what they want with us, from us, and for us and the world, and how we might need to organise our organisations in a different way in order to create the best possible workplace future. And we’re going to place a particular focus on careers, because Naeema, as Director of Henley Careers, you direct careers.

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