S6E8: How to change the habits of a lifetime artwork
The Strengths Guy

S6E8: How to change the habits of a lifetime

  • S6E8
  • 10:18
  • February 11th 2020

How to change the habits of a lifetime

Changing habits comes up a lot on people’s to do lists – when we want to keep our NY resolutions, lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, eat healthily and so on and so on. With the stuff I talk about on these podcasts, it’s usually the case that we’re wanting to change habituated behaviour by adopting new thinking or new behavioural patterns and using our brain’s innate ability to create more efficient neural networks.

But some of our habituated patterns of thinking and behaviour go soooo far back to our early lives that they may well underpin many of our behaviours in later life, wait for it, without us even knowing!

I’m going to be talking today about one way of looking at these drivers of our behaviour, in the context of a psychotherapeutic system called Transactional Analysis.

Why? Because I want to talk about whether what our parents gave us as ways of thinking and behaving from the very beginning of our lives are still working for us now.

And if not, what we can do about it.

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