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The Strengths Guy

S7E9 Find your joy

  • S7E9
  • 09:09
  • May 31st 2020

Something we tend to forget as adults as we take on more responsibility, more life baggage, more ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, is how to reconnect with the child that is still there in all of us. A particular child as well, our ‘free child’, the child who did things for the sheer joy, the enjoyment, the fun, the feeling.


As we grow, it’s easy to lose that connection with the younger freer us and all too soon, the opportunities, and responsibilities, that we so craved as children moving into adulthood, can feel more like a burden at times and can keep us distant from the inner free spirit that was the child us.

Today’s podcast is about finding your joy as an adult – what makes you feel good just for you and getting back to that. This podcast is best listened to as a follow on to ‘How to change the habits of a lifetime’, which is at Season 6, episode 8

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