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S7E10 Managing anxiety through your strengths

  • S7E10
  • 09:39
  • June 7th 2020

In a recent study cited by the Mental Health Foundation, there were just over 8 million cases of anxiety reported per year in the UK and the global figures country-by-country are similar.


During extraordinary times, particularly during times of crisis, economic or otherwise, people’s anxiety levels can increase significantly, as can other mental health outcomes, such as a depression and stress. And those 8 million were just the reported cases, which will represent only a fraction of the total number.

Anxiety affects an awful lot of people from time to time and for some people, for much of the time. In today’s podcast, I’m going to focus on different methods for managing anxiety if you are experiencing it, including taking a strengths-focused approach.

How should we define anxiety and what does it look like? Most mental health professionals will tell you that anxiety-related disorders come in various forms, including generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress. In their diagnosed forms, each of these can be called disorders, but for many people, elements of one or more of these disorders can be experienced at different times, without it actually ever being diagnosed.

What then can you do to get on the front foot if you find yourself experiencing anxiety? I have 6 top tips: 1. use your strengths, 2. breathing/meditation/mindfulness, 3. exercise/sleep, 4. challenging your thoughts, 5. talking to someone, and 6. accepting what you can’t control. 

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