P10: Empowering women with Roohi & Nida Mohiyuddin artwork
The Strengths Guy

P10: Empowering women with Roohi & Nida Mohiyuddin

  • E10
  • 33:25
  • March 7th 2021

In this podversation, Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, talks with sisters Roohi and Nida Mohiyuddin, two inspiring women who have just launched Nu(pw)R, a new business designed to empower women through a unique three stage process.

Roohi and Nida tell their story – what led them to set out on their journey and what difference they hope to achieve in the world.

They tell us about their programme – The Confident Empowered Woman – and provide some tips and advice on how women can

  •  shut down their inner critic,
  •  break down their barriers to success, and
  •  turn their strengths into superpowers.

This is a very exciting podversation, what Roohi and Nida are doing is timely, powerful and hugely helpful for women seeking to build their confidence and become empowered. And it’s not only for women - everyone can take a lot away from this podversation.

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