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S10E1 How to deal with tough feedback

  • S10E1
  • 10:52
  • January 31st 2021

In Season 1, Episdode 4 I discussed 'How to give great feedback in 3 steps', both positive and negative, emphasising the importance of being respectful, listening well and asking clarifying questions. Although I touched on how to receive feedback, the main focus was on giving it well.

In this podcast, I want to go more in depth on how to handle negative feedback, in terms of its emotional impact, how to respond to it and potentially act on it.

I'll bring in some personal examples from both work and home. Both are just as important as each other and involve emotions and well-being, for both parties.

In this podcast, I talk about:

- Preparing to receive feedback and making the time and space to hear it well;

- Being able to understand what the feedback means for the other person;

- Taking feedback postively, not personally;

- Using the feedback as a learning tool to help you evolve and grow.

Learning how to respond to negative feedback well is a valuable skill and and hopefully these tips will help you be able to get the best out of your every day.

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