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The Strengths Guy

S10E3 Self-management and personal productivity

  • S10E3
  • 09:05
  • February 14th 2021


Technology has made it genuinely challenging to deal with the pace and volume of information coming at us day to day. It affects our sleep patterns, our relationships, our stress levels.

With all those potential distractions surrounding you, how can you improve your self-management to keep on top of your personal productivity and stay in control?

Today's podcast looks at some practical tips for self-management in the digital era, including:

- Remember who's in control, you or the technology. Even though the technology is designed to keep you interacting, you still have the power of choice how much to use it.

- Being present in the moment and learning to push away distractions.

- Prioritise true human connection. Although the pandemic is making it harder to connect in person but we can still use technology to connect with friends, family, work colleagues in more meaningful ways.

- Build digital self management habits. Building good "digital detox" habits, such as no tech in the bedroom or at the dinner table, can be a great start at escaping the constant distraction presented to us by technology.

Technology can truly enrich our lives if used the right way and hopefully these tips will help you improve your self management and stay focused in these increasingly digital times.


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