S11E4 Busting career myths to build a strengths-based career artwork
The Strengths Guy

S11E4 Busting career myths to build a strengths-based career

  • S11E4
  • 08:45
  • August 30th 2021

There’s a lot of old ways of thinking about careers still kicking about in what you might have assumed would be a more enlightened time. So this podcast is designed to help debunk some of those career myths and help you build a career that’s more you-shaped, based on your strengths.  My five myths are:

  1. Work is meant to be tough, choosing a strengths-based career seems indulgent
  2. All careers and roles will give me the same opportunity to use my strengths anyway, right?
  3. Other people will see my strengths and find the right role for me
  4. I should focus on removing my weaknesses and making myself an all-rounder
  5. My role doesn’t really play to my strengths but there’s not much I can do about it

The Strengths Guy

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