S8E11 Managing a team through change artwork
The Strengths Guy

S8E11 Managing a team through change

  • S8E11
  • 19:22
  • September 20th 2020

https://www.strengthscope.com/managing-a-team-through-change/ Many teams are experiencing significant change as a result of the events of 2020 but change within teams presents a perennial challenge. Team membership is always fluid, goals and objectives need to be revisited, projects and focuses come and go.

This podcast focuses on what you can practically do to lead a team through change by ensuring they remain strong, fit and able to deal effectively with the challenges of change as they come up.

The current context for teams is more turbulent than ever. The threat or reality of redundancies, restructure and shifting priorities are more present now than they have been for a number of years.

This makes it even more important to look after your team’s health, whether you are a team member, line manager, business leader or a professional who supports teams in their development and performance.

Here are some practical tips to help check in on the health of your team. In doing this, I’ll be letting you know about some of the secret sauce we use at Strengthscope when we’re supporting teams on their journey towards sustainable high performance.

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