S8E5 Getting the best from your strengths in a crisis artwork
The Strengths Guy

S8E5 Getting the best from your strengths in a crisis

  • S8E5
  • 08:46
  • July 26th 2020


Once upon a time, the strengths approach wasn’t so well-known as it is today and one of the pushbacks to the approach I used to hear fairly often was about strengths being a great idea for the good times, but actually how helpful are your strengths in bad times, when you’re under pressure, in a crisis if you like?

So today’s podcast relates directly to that challenge and the question – ‘how can you get the best from your strengths in a crisis?’

My name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, Doctor of Psychology and Founder of Strengthscope. I podcast on Mondays to set you up for a strong week ahead, talking all things life, work and strengths and how you can get the best from each.

Strengths in a crisis? Invaluable! Whether that crisis is small-scale and short-lived or whether it’s bigger and more chronic and long-lasting, your strengths are there for you to draw on every day, for you to remember to bring them out when things are going smoothly, and (even especially) during the choppy times too. Remember that your strengths are those things that energise you and that you are great at, or have the potential to become great at…so they should serve you well whatever the weather, right? Well, the challenges in using your strengths in a crisis are twofold.

The Strengths Guy

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