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S8E7 Adjusting to the new normal

  • S8E7
  • 09:10
  • August 23rd 2020

The new normal is a funny phrase because it makes you think that at some point, change is going to stop and normal is going to be forever and then we can all chill a bit and get a bit of certainty back.

Let’s hope that’s true but for now, one thing we know for sure is that there’s a lotT of change around and more change ahead. We don’t know what it will bring but we know it will mean that things won’t be the same as today.

That's alongside all the background questions about how we live our lives that keep rattling around without a definite answer:

Will I ever not to have to wear a mask again?

Will I have my job in 6 months?

Will my job be the same in 6 months?

Will I be going back to the office?

Will Zoom be a forever way of communicating?

Will handshakes ever be ok again?

Are shops going to come back or will I shop online forever? And so on and so on.

Today I want to talk to you about how to constantly adjust to new normal after new normal after new normal without freaking out and without checking out.

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