S8E9 How strengths can boost your well-being at work artwork
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S8E9 How strengths can boost your well-being at work

  • S8E9
  • 09:58
  • September 6th 2020

Well-being at work is a hotter topic than ever and rightly so. We’re regularly being told that employees’ mental health is worsening and that stress-related absence is on the increase.

According to the UK’s official HR-representing body (the CIPD) between 2018-19, work-related stress increased in 40% of organisations and reporting of mental health conditions increased by 60%. Now this may be in part to do with the reduction of stigma associated with mental health and stress which is a good thing but nonetheless, the figures are stark. And events of 2020 will have an additional significant impact, once the data is in.

Today I want to talk to you about how strengths can help boost your well-being at work with some practical tips on doing that

In summery:

1. Find your own personal strengths that define you at your best and decide how you can use them more – this can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase engagement.

2.  Find your purpose, the difference you want to make in the world, and figure out how you can use your strengths to get you there.

3.  Discover your overdrive risks, when they’re most likely to turn up and then have a plan to stop them stressing you, so you stay more in control of you.

4. Borrow others’ strengths when you need help and offer them yours when they do.

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