S9E11 What is growth mindset and how to develop one artwork
The Strengths Guy

S9E11 What is growth mindset and how to develop one

  • S9E11
  • 14:55
  • January 10th 2021

Today’s podcast is on growth mindset. Such a powerful concept. Central to positive psychology. 

Evidence links growth mindset to a variety of positive outcomes: higher goal achievement, motivation, lower stress, anxiety, depression, better work relationships and higher performance levels. 

There is so much science to back it up. Carol Dweck at Stanford University is the person to go if you want the science and the evidence on the power of growth mindset. 

And while Dweck’s research is focused mainly on promoting the development of growth mindset in schoolchildren, it is also possible to develop a growth mindset later in life, even if you come from a starting place of fixed mindset, as many of us do…including me.

In the podcast, I compare having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and give 5 great tips for how you can develop a growth mindset, whatever stage of life you are at.

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