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S9E12 How to own your development in 2021

  • S9E12
  • 10:20
  • January 24th 2021

During times of uncertainty and at the start of the year, people often tend to focus on their personal and professional development.

As we move to the end of January, with the freshness of the New Year starting to wear off, could be time to reflect again on the important things in life and reaffirm the commitment to ourselves to do those things we’ve been promising ourselves we’ll do for years but have never quite been able to get round to it.

In this podcast, we look at five ways to help you take control and own your development for the year ahead:

  • Check in with your purpose – your personal purpose and your work objectives – to find focus for your development
  • Be realistic – can you keep it going, is it possible, how can you make sure that you stick at it?
  • Use your strengths to do it your way – whatever your development goals, how can you energise your development plan so that you can make it strengths-based and you-shaped?
  • Supercharge a strength – push your comfort zone into stretch in an area that up to now you may have taken for granted because there’s nothing wrong with it, so need to stretch it, right.
  • Bring a friend – development becomes so much more real and achievable when you have a critical and supportive friend or friends who are there for your journey.

Hope you enjoy it and these tips help you get the best out of yourself in the year ahead,

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