S9E3 Nine ways to improve virtual team communication artwork
The Strengths Guy

S9E3 Nine ways to improve virtual team communication

  • S9E3
  • 14:51
  • November 1st 2020

As our new world of working continues to reveal itself, virtual teamworking is fast becoming a standard in many organisations.

With more teams working fully virtually and others at least working partly on a virtual basis, there is a growing need for virtual teams not used to working in this way to get some tips on how to get the best from themselves and their members in the new normal. In today’s blog, I want to give you some tips on how to improve communication in a team, specifically in a virtual context, right now.

Virtual team communication challenges, magnified in the new world of work, are what I want to focus in on now. So here are my 9 top tips on how to improve virtual team communication, harvested just for you from our collective new world of work team experiences at Strengthscope.

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