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S9E6 How to do team check-ins

  • S9E6
  • 11:34
  • November 22nd 2020

Team health is at a premium these days. As in wellbeing as well as performance for individuals in a team and for the team overall. 

This year has been unprecedented in its demands on teams to flex and bend into all sorts of shapes they’re not used to. People leaving, joining, objectives changing, changing again, and for many teams, all in the context of zero physical in-person contact. 

Checking-in on team health virtually is definitely trickier than in person but it remains more important than ever, given today’s uncertain climate, so that everyone in the team can really truly see each other and listen to and hear each other. 

So, if you’re in a team, if you’re a team leader or if you’re working with a team, then this podcast is for you. The topic is disarmingly simple - how to do team check-ins well. 

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