S9E7 How to build trust in virtual teams artwork
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S9E7 How to build trust in virtual teams

  • S9E7
  • 09:23
  • November 29th 2020

Building trust is more difficult virtually than it is when you’re in the same place as other people. You miss out on all the ‘in between’ bits – the micro gestures, the informal chats, the side conversations after meetings.

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All of that information can help us to build up a picture as to whether or not we can trust someone. And in the world of the virtual team, a world that so many of us now live in, that effect is magnified. In my podcast on how we can build trust as individuals, the world was a very different place, but of course there’s a lot that’s just the same as it always was. 

In this podcast, I want to focus on how best to build trust in virtual teams. I tell you what not to do and give you 11 tips for building trust in virtual tips. With this list you'll be able to get your team to a place of safety and trust. 

Enjoy it! It’s great when you get there and the journey is pretty fulfilling too

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