S9E9 The benefits of gratitude – giving thanks to 2020 artwork
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S9E9 The benefits of gratitude – giving thanks to 2020

  • S9E9
  • 10:41
  • December 13th 2020

2020 has been challenging and damaging in so many ways. For many people, it has been completely life-changing. We have all experienced a sense of loss this year, but for some of us that has been loss of health, of loved ones, of livelihoods and of futures.

There’s not much positive to be had in any of that. At least not on the face of it. And yet, somehow, even while the world has in large part been hibernating and grieving, there have been good things happening. 

Today’s podcast is all about gratitude. Finding gratitude, sometimes starting that process through gritted teeth, but nonetheless feeling gratitude for what we have been able to do, what we have been able to learn, what we have been able to enjoy this year.

What are some of the psychological and emotional benefits of gratitude and of being grateful on a regular basis? 

How can you get those benefits? 

What things can you do, in terms of gratitude, that will make the greatest difference to your mental, emotional and physical well-being?

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