S6E11: The energy lifeline - plotting your year ahead artwork
The Strengths Guy

S6E11: The energy lifeline - plotting your year ahead

  • S6E11
  • 07:15
  • March 1st 2020

The energy lifeline - plotting your year ahead

As we come to financial year end for many organisations, it may well be worth taking a moment to stop and reflect on how the last year at work has been for and how you can get more out of the year ahead.

To do that, I want to introduce you today to the energy lifeline – a handy tool that can be used in all sorts of ways…looking at your whole career, your relationships, your family and home life, all sorts really, with the same basic approach.

Today though, we’ll be using the energy lifeline to reflect on the year just gone at work so that you can identify when you were at your most energised and least energised, what the underlying reasons might have been for this and how you make that work for you in planning for the year ahead.

So you can plan your year to get the best from yourself and your life without the year running away with itself and you being merely a passenger. 

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