S7E7 The power of discomfort – managing your emotions well artwork
The Strengths Guy

S7E7 The power of discomfort – managing your emotions well

  • S7E7
  • 08:23
  • May 17th 2020

During the course of each day, you’re likely to experience some emotions that are uncomfortable, difficult, distracting or we might even label them as negative or unwanted. These emotions can be brought on by a whole range of triggers – work, relationships, memories, pressure, stress, the weather, our general mindset and so on – humans are complex creatures.

The power of discomfort – managing your emotions well

These uncomfortable emotions can be distracting and can sometimes lead us to a place of what feels like ‘stuckness’ because we don’t notice or can’t pinpoint what we’re feeling so we just find ourselves getting irritable and tetchy. That then causes a negative response in others which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy ("see, I was right to be feeling a bit rubbish today, looks like everyone’s feeling pretty low"), leading to even more stuckness.

Today’s podcast focuses in on uncomfortable emotions and helping you to manage them by noticing them, describing them and then choosing whether, and when, to act on them.

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