afFIRMation Thursday - Pride Edition with Byron Fulkerth artwork
This Little Light of Mine - LGBTQ, Christianity, religious trauma, mental health

afFIRMation Thursday - Pride Edition with Byron Fulkerth

  • S1E6
  • 22:13
  • June 17th 2020

Hello and welcome to a special Pride Month BONUS episode of This Little Light of Mine.  

In season one we’re talking about a lot of tough topics from trauma to addiction, systemic racism and gender inequality to coming out to conversion therapy.

I wanted to take a hot minute to take a deep breath, throw some glitter in the air and talk about a new take on the elusive pride body… to do that I’ve partnered with personal trainer and personal friend Byron Fulkerth.  

Byron will be joining me for five weeks as we celebrate our pride edition of afFIRMation Thursdays.  

Each Thursday we will be sharing some of Byron’s personal intentions, visualizations and affirmations to help pump up your soul so that you can build the ultimate pride body from the inside OUT.

A very special thanks to Byron Fulkerth for sharing your passion and expertise with us today and all month long.

Check us at on IG and FB at @MyLightShinesBright in each week to see more of Byron and learn how to bring more Pride, Vitality, Strength, Energy and Transformation into your life and into your world.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, 

No matter the colour of your skin, your sexual orientation, your gender expression

No matter your weight, your body type or how you look…

No matter what.

You are wanted.  You are needed.  You are an important part of our world.   You have a voice that we need to hear.  You are worthy love…. And you are loved.

Happy Pride. 


This Little Light of Mine - LGBTQ, Christianity, religious trauma, mental health

This Little Light of Mine is an LGBTQ+ tale of terror (growing up as a closeted Gay Christian in the Evangelical church) that led to trauma (cPTSD, religious trauma, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, addiction) to what I intend to become triumph.

Join me on my healing and recovery journey towards mental health, spiritual health and emotional health as I find my voice by sharing what happened in my life as a Queer Christian where I was taught that I was not allowed to love.