Divina Podcast

The Divina Podcast

All Femme Group Dynamic, where the series of ‘Multi-Dimentional Femme’ of the 21st century can tune Into the talks of advice and personal experiences are expressed here for typical Femme to listen, relate and comment about. Array of thought provoking talks, such as self-love, confidence/self-esteem, feminine energy, manifestation…All things that entail evolution and growth.


Furthermore, series of discussions of different topic through the Divina Pod live & studio session which is the segment called, The LLC. It will be consisting of many Genre of conversations, where a diverse topics will be shared. Real Bitchy Banter and real mix of life experience, through a series of guest and character, who will bring out the true VIBE of the #DivinaWay. 

From The LLC to the HBIC aka Head Bih In Charge, is Live streams of playlist & the true visual aspects of the Divina Pod and it will be sauce between to the whole catalogue of The Divina Podcast including, the persona of Multi-Dimentional & The #DivinaWay, which is about Female empowerment, Independant Femme way and CARE-FREE FEMME LIFESTYLE.