1. The Psychology of Busy artwork

1. The Psychology of Busy

  • E1
  • 36:23
  • December 7th 2020

In this, the first episode of TimePeace, I talk with Clinical Psychologist Dougal Sutherland about the Psychology of Busy, what it means, why it occurs to the extreme and what can be done differently to mitigate the insidious impacts on individual, organisation and societal productivity, profitability and wellbeing.

Dougal is the Manager of Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Psychology Clinic, and also a consultant for Umbrella, a business based in Wellington, New Zealand, helping organisations leverage the benefits of people wellbeing.

I hope there is something in this conversation for you. 


Hi, I’m Julie Hood, and welcome to my podcast TimePeace.

It has been created in honour of my dad, a watchmaker who spent a lifetime restoring people’s time, by his daughter who for many years felt there was never quite enough of it - until she learned there was.

It took longer to get to that place than I thought and like all change it was challenging. When I look back, I wish I’d rescued her sooner.

I now teach others what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, in the hope their time can be restored. These podcast conversations are part of that.

Because in a world that seems obsessed with speed there is no better time to learn to make haste more slowly than now.