Celebrity and Social Media artwork
A Tongue Lashing with Damon Pampolina

Celebrity and Social Media

  • S1E4
  • 23:14
  • April 14th 2020

Damon discusses the responsibility of being a celebrity and how social media has impacted that world. He discusses fan experiences, how to treat the fans, and whether or not you have a responsibility to manage your social media followers.

A Tongue Lashing with Damon Pampolina

Join Damon Pampolina on a wild trip through his mind. Damon will offer his insights into the music industry, pop culture, society, fetishes, and any of the other crazy antics he wants to talk about! Damon Pampolina is someone you absolutely want to know and listen to. If you don't know who he is, Google him and you will find out quickly! Or you can simply give the Podcast a try, because trust us, this is a tongue lashing that you want to receive!