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E38: Ryan Young - life after RYP

  • 50:23
  • August 14th 2020

Ryan Young started competing in motorcycle trials at the age of 8.

By 16 he won his first State Championship.

The next year, Ryan won the AMA/NATC Sportsman class.


At 21, Ryan achieved one of his life goals by winning the top class in the AMA/NATC Championship, beginning what would be a record-breaking 6 consecutive championships (1988 – 1993), a record that still stands. In addition Ryan became a member of USA TdN team and continued on the team 8 consecutive years.


But maybe he is best known for the business he & Brad Baumert started: RYP or Ryan Young Products which is synonymous with trials in the USA.


What most don't know is that Ryan has left the RYP business earlier this year and it was a great opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments over the years and how they lifted the standard of trials through improving the professionalism of teams to training the next generation of riders.


I thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Ryan...and personally I learnt a lot from this one.


I hope you enjoy my chat with Ryan Young



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