What is FI? artwork

What is FI?

  • S1E1
  • 12:22
  • March 25th 2020

Are you wondering what is financial independence (FI)? Maybe you've heard people talking about FIRE, financial independence retire early.

In this episode of the TriFI Podcast, Aaron and Frank discuss what our group means by FI and why we're not fans of FIRE. You'll learn how we can each define financial independence a little differently and some overlapping points of agreement.

Join us to learn more about personal finance and some strategies that will help you develop financial independence in any economy.


Welcome to Triangle Financial Independence Group. We work to develop relevant and accessible financial education for all.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Creating reliable financial education for all.
  • Researching effective resources for our members’ financial independence and developing new techniques and tools when none exist already.
  • Building a community of positive social and professional engagement interested in collaboration over competition.
  • Making our information accessible through the use of inclusive language and basic mathematics.
  • We refer our members only to outside resources we trust and use ourselves.
  • When it comes to our advice we aim to keep it simple but make it significant.