How to Reduce the Risk or Even Prevent Dementia artwork
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How to Reduce the Risk or Even Prevent Dementia

  • 51:12
  • December 22nd 2022

Many people know of a loved one or a friend who has developed dementia. It is on the rise with younger people. There is a way to reduce your risk and even prevent dementia. Pharmacist and functional nutritionist Susan Gibson has won multiple awards for her work helping people regain their lives and confidence through improved memory and brain health. She became motivated when she saw her mother’s devastating decline into dementia. That gave her the motivation to earn her pharmacy degree Harvard MBA, functional nutrition certification, and 30 years of experience in developing new healthcare products to now providing education and supplements that have helped numerous patients lead full lives with clarity of mind for years to come. She is the formulator of Vivolor Memory Support for brain health. Learn what you can do to stop or prevent this deadly disease. Tune into this episode of The Truckers Network Radio Show when Shelley Johnson interviews Susan. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast. It’s free.

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