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South Beach Shark Club – The Greatest Fish Story Ever Told

  • 52:49
  • December 2nd 2022

As Floridians know, the Florida coastline was not always characterized by glitzy high-rises and massive condos that clutter the beach front. Not that many decades ago, it was easy to see the ocean driving down A-1A. The oceanside was a respite that shaped communities, lives, and livelihoods. This was South Miami. The South Beach Shark Club film directed and produced by Robert Ramos and Pedro Gomez is a compelling documentary about real-life shark fishermen who mentored boys and teens who were seeking something bigger than themselves. It tells the story of a club that evolved into an extended family that gave kids a reason to thrive on the shores of Miami and stay out of gangs. It is a step back to a bygone era of South Miami before commercialization. The documentary premiered at The Miami International Film Festival to sold-out audiences and won a MIFF Documentary Achievement award. It captures the South Miami community in the 1960s and 70s and the role the ocean and beach played in shaping a community. It is a story of the rugged, rogue fishermen who mentored the boys as surrogate fathers and taught them how to reel in the biggest catch ever. It is the best fish story ever told. Tune into this episode of The Truckers Network Radio Show when Shelley Johnson interviews Robert Ramos, director of this documentary to learn more. Please subscribe to our podcast. It’s free!

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