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Truckers Network Radio Show

Truckers Network Radio Show - Desiree Wood - Trucker Emergency Assistance Responders

  • 44:35
  • May 28th 2021


Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders

Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders – T.E.A.R. was founded in 2019 by three truck drivers who saw a need to help fellow drivers that suddenly find themselves stranded out on the road and unable to get home with their belongings.

Issues such as, carrier abandonment, wage theft, retaliation, truck accident, sexual misconduct between trainers/co-driver teams and other various scenarios are what cause truck drivers to become stranded out on the highway with pets and belongings. Too often, these drivers must suddenly find a way to get home, if they have a home at all.

Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders – T.E.A.R. is 501 (c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS in October 2019.

T.E.A.R. is not a handout but rather a hand up to help fellow a truck driver in distress, get back to work after a traumatic event to fill the gap when other driver resources are not available.

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