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Trust Me, I'm a Leader

New Approaches to Leadership / with Professor Douglas Shand

  • S2E4
  • 1:05:53
  • March 17th 2021

Martin is joined by Douglas Shand - Professor of Leadership and Enterprise at the University of Glasgow - to discuss new kinds of leadership and the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions on reshaping attitudes towards team working. Douglas shares his views on new technology and Martin comments on the significance of workplace culture.


Martin: ‘COCO’ - Disney/Pixar film - available on Disney+ -


  1. ‘Spiral’ - tv series - available on BBCiPlayer -
  2. ‘Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change’ - book by Kent Beck -

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Trust Me, I'm a Leader

Trust Me, I’m A Leader examines the art and science of business and leadership as companies reset and fundamentally rethink the old ways of working, in the wake of the recent Covid-19 crisis. Tapping into the extensive knowledge, experience and insights of some of the world’s most successful leaders, two engaging hosts - Taranata Group CEO, Martin Ewart and global talent and organisation health expert, Suzanne Lamont - are on a mission to help Scottish businesses think through what they urgently need to do now, and next, as the business world begins to readjust to the new normal.

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